When asked the question how long have I been baking, the truth is for as long I could recite the alphabet. My love for baking began with my grandma and mother, who always baked homemade goodies from scratch. I started out thinking a cupcake company which catered to special events would be a great idea. Little did I know, the requests for daily cupcakes would become a regular occurrence, which inspired me to open a cupcake bakery. I love anything cute and my SWEET love for cute little cakes and cupcakes is the passion that drives me. Besides… cute doesn’t need a reason, so celebrate any occasion without needing an occasion at all!

My cupcake obsession began when I was a little girl and I dreamed of beautiful cakes and cupcakes, but my bigger dream was birthday parties and weddings.  I have always looked for reasons to celebrate - to throw a party.  When I was in college I would go home for weekends to bake and then bring goodies back to have parties in my dorm room.  When I “grew up” the parties evolved to quite a larger scale, throwing wedding and baby showers for friends, large Christmas parties and many birthday parties.  When we adopted our first daughter I lived and dreamed planning her birthday parties often thinking of themes two years ahead.  Later when we met our soon-to-be-adopted children from Guatemala, I was heartbroken to learn they had never had a birthday party.  I could not wait to get them home to throw them great parties.  When my kids entered school I realized that there were many children who could not bring treats to school on their birthday so I decided cupcakes were something I could do.  

So my cupcake passion was reborn…dreaming once again of cupcakes only now I dream of building something out of my passion, being able to use proceeds from our sales to give back as well as having already donated over 30,000 cupcakes to schools and foundations.  I live in Kirkland, Washington with my husband Doug and four adopted children, Gabe, Tycie, Jazzmyn and Mia.  The story of my children inspire me every day, and they are the reason I feel so passionate about children all around, here and abroad. It truly is a family affair!

My husband works for an organization that deals with high risk under resourced kids and we give 100% of our stores tips to care for abandoned children.  With a strong passion for baking, birthday parties and kids in need it seemed a natural fit for me to start a cupcake business.

While our goal is to provide you with the best cupcakes known to man, it is also our desire to change the world one cupcake at a time!

Making the World Sweeter…PinkaBella Cupcakes gives back…please visit our Donations page.

A Family Affair